1. "Fallet Lars", d v s artikeln Trovärdighetsutredningarnas metodik, av Arne Trankell. En dramatisk redovisning av Trankells banbrytande metod att kombinera utsageanalys med analys av socialt samspel (Svensk Juristtidning 1956)

Det är metoden, som är väsentlig, inte resultatet i just detta fall.

2. "WAS LARS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED?" A groundbreaking report (Journal of Abnormal Psychiatry 1958)












WAS LARS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED? A groundbreaking report (Journal of Abnormal Psychiatry 1958)

(Svensk version här ovan.

In this report Prof. Arne Trankell shows that a "description of events given by social interaction analysis is much superior to the personality analysis method of investigating witnesses". With regard to the activities in the case of a child psychiatrist, Trankell observes that the t raining of a child psychiatrist in Sweden is hardly directed at this type of task.

Trankell stresses that one case does not permit a conclusive assessment. In the opinion of this editor, the events have given Trankells suggestion substantial credit. Many tragedies in Sweden and elsewhere could have been prevented if his methodology (and intelligence) had been applied.

It may be added that Trankell here talks only of social interaction analysis. The case actually combines that with ordinarly statement analysis.